One Life is a non-dual philosophy. To Know One Life is to experience all in an awakened state of being. There is no path to One Liife, it is simply here and now.



Catherine Weser is an artist and conscious channel who has lived in Santa Fe New Mexico since 1974. Even as a young child, she was known to be prescient and sensitive, with an interest in Theosophy and spirituality. She became deeply involved in Transcendental Meditation in 1972, and after ten years of regular meditation, a presence appeared and announced itself as a teacher in the One Life. The experience Catherine had was one of a non-physical presence walking into her field of energy. This presence later identified "himself" as Dwahl Khul, whose identity has been verified by various channels and DK scholars. Djwahl Khul, as previously channeled by Alice Bailey, seems to be the same energy, however has come through Catherine with an updated and more practical personality since her original integration experience in 1982. After five years of experience channeling this well known spiritual master, it was discovered that Catherine and Alice Bailey have the same birthday and very similar natal astrology charts. Now in 2017, with over 30 years of continued integration of the profound energy of the DK presence, private sessions are like initiations into a new frequency for those who are ready.

Conscious, integrated channeling is a little different than trance channeling, in that Catherine is simply in an altered state similar to meditation, fully aware and awake. This allows Catherine’s wisdom and creativity to be a part of the process. The emphasis in a personal session is always awareness, empowerment and expansion. With literally thousands of sessions, workshops all over the world, articles published in many different magazines, Catherine is known for clarity and accuracy in the guidance provided, assisting  every individual in remembering their way on their journey.

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